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All About You!

by Good Evening Gumm

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Mist Rebuttal
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Mist Rebuttal "All About You!" is a fantastically inventive piece of musical art that undoubtedly will serve as a template for all future art. The timeliness of "Buff" is simply stunning, speaking pointedly about the global pandemic of 2020. Favorite track: Buff.
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Hats 00:30
You really like hats on a sunny day You really like hats in a fabulous way You really have a thing for these hats I must say You love hats
Birthday 01:37
It was your birthday Monday You celebrate it in a fun way You got some crème brûlée On your very, very special day
Haircut 00:25
You--you got a haircut You got a haircut It doesn't look so good You--you got a haircut You got a haircut But it always grows back like trees and wood Snip! x6
Toes 00:58
(Shh) (Hush) (Shh) (Be quiet) You've got big toes And no one knows
Buff 00:31
You're getting kinda buff With your new routine Eatin' just enough So you get lean You're doing situps
Pet Store 00:37
Remember on your day off You went to the pet store? When you got back home Your jaw was on the floor What you saw was so shocking And yes it was bizarre You will never forget that day Or who you are
Yellow 01:20
You really like the color yellow It makes you feel very mellow When I call you on the phone you say, "Hello" x3
Fun Time Boy 00:19
You met a fun time boy You met a fun time boy Most boys you wanna destroy But this was a fun time boy
Interloo 01:30
Poo 00:41
Why is your poo So taboo? (Why is your poo?) x4
You like the idea of sports But you never, ever take off your jorts Sports--like basketball Jorts--like overalls Sports--like your good friend tennis Jorts--roll 'em up like a menace
Feather 02:12
You found a feather And you named it Heather You and your feather-- Heather-- Watched the weather Together x4 With Heather
You saw a bird on the beach x8
Alarm 00:24


When Good Evening Gumm was invited to produce a piece for a charity art auction, they thought it would be a very interesting idea to engineer a pre-personalized album. Having discovered the autonomous game console OTON and cracking the Artificial Intelligence code, the Gumms rapidly produced hundreds of thousands of songs to train an AI on their unique musical style.

After digesting a simple survey completed by the auction's winner, the AI yielded this album--entirely personalized to the winner.

The band claims that the album may serve as a remedy for amnesia.


released February 12, 2019

D. Andes, I. Neuhaus, H. Persson-Gordon x2




Hubol Iowa City, Iowa

i make things

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